By enlisting Maison d’Lux Luxury Concierge Services, you join the ranks of privileged individuals who savour life’s luxuries, and demand only the very best.

Maison d’Lux is committed to taking every step possible to first understand your expectations, and then to exceed them. Whether you are occasionally in Ibiza or live here full-time, you can enjoy the service you deserve around your schedule by choosing one of the membership options available. Limited to two-hundred hand selected individuals from around the world, Maison d’Lux Personal and Corporate VIP Membership is flexible and can be tailored to each member’s needs.

Our Private Lifestyle Assistants strive to develop a strong personal relationship with you to better get to know your tastes and preferences, and provide a high level of service on which you can always rely. Maison d’Lux Private Lifestyle Assistants will become an integral part of your time in Ibiza, and the personal, discreet level of service is invaluable.

At the heart of our service lie our Private Lifestyle Assistants, who carry out every task with commitment and professionalism.

For the duration of your membership, a Dedicated Private Lifestyle Assistant will see to your every need, devoted to fulfilling requests and forever looking for ways to better your experience in Ibiza. They are there to get to know you, so that they can provide suggestions that are relevant to your tastes and style.

No task is too small or request too large, whether you need help finding last-minute childcare, a reservation in the latest must-visit restaurant or access to a private party. Your Private Lifestyle Assistant will work alongside our full team to ensure that each recommendation is personally tailored to you, and that you receive an unparalleled level of client care.


Lesotho Promise is designed to make your time in Ibiza hassle free, laid back, and enjoyable.

Our concierge team reacts to your requests in a prompt and professional manner. Many of our clients have been visiting Ibiza for years, and know what they want from their time here. Whether that is tickets to the latest event or a booking at your favourite restaurant, you can ensure it is taken care of with this level of Membership. We accommodate all of your requests based on your preferences, whether you are a first-time visitor to the island, or a regular guest requiring assistance with organising your travel and leisure itinerary.



The Golden Jubilee is a proactive, bespoke level of Membership that allows access not only to the full list of services we provide but you will also be allocated your own Private Lifestyle Assistant.

Here to suit your needs and requirements, your Private Lifestyle Assistant will work closely with yourself or your team to provide you with a high level of professional care during your stay.

We work hard to anticipate your requests, and based on your likes, dislikes and preferences you will be provided with expert information, suggestions and proposals on how to enhance your time in Ibiza.

This Membership is the perfect solution for those who want to experience Ibiza as a real veteran of the island, always in the right place at the right time.



The Excelsior is a fully customisable level of Membership, completely adaptable and designed to give you as little or as much support as you want during your time in Ibiza.

Whether you are a full-time resident in Ibiza, or just need assistance for a few months or even days out of the year, you can arrange to have the custom care you want to suit your needs.

Ranging from corporate solutions to assistance with larger groups that require more than one Private Lifestyle Assistant at once, this package enables you to pick and choose what you want, to create something totally tailored to you.

Get in touch with our concierge team to discuss your needs.



In order to apply for membership we require a letter of introduction to be sent to membership@maisondlux.com.
The letter should include your contact and occupation details, and the names of a current Maison d'Lux Member who would be willing to invite you join our Club.
Once your application has been received and reviewed by the Maison d'Lux Management team, you will be contacted to confirm membership.
For more information please email membership@maisondlux.com.

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